December is here~

It’s ten after two in the morning; I’ve just come back inside from the back porch– I took “Denby-do” (his most-used nickname) outside for a minute. After a tiny snack he hopped into his chair and then lay down on the back of it– he looks like a cat when he climbs atop it like that. I love this silly pup.

It’s 2:45 now… started watching Crazy Stupid Love– a silly and kind of funny movie that I’ve seen once before… turned it off a few minutes-in, though… just not a fan of Ryan Gosling or maybe just not in the mood tonight. ~

Think I am going to stay in living room for a bit longer, to write a little more. I’m in my corner of the couch… Just sent my dad a text to see if he’s made it home yet; he answered right back in the affirmative. Yay. 🙂

So, I completed the {more-than} fifty-thousand words for last month’s NaNoWriMo-challenge. It felt ReaLLy great to submit the work, though I will admit that– first— I did not enjoy “handing-in” such an extremely rough first-draft– and second— I now feel as if someone will steal the handful or semi-good lines/parts/ideas, etc., that may exist within said-pages…. ~ 🙁  Trusting that I am being overly paranoid in this, however.

I am ready to complete the draft in-full. I did write a bit yesterday (11/30), though I had already “validated” my 50k+ words on the 29th (evening).

While I want to take a day or two off (as I have done here at the ol’ blog), I want to complete this draft more… therefore, I am going to get back to it right now, LW. ~ 🙂

Hope everyone has a great start to December 2016 today~ And a wonderful weekend ahead!
With love,








Thoughts on Thanksgiving

It is late on Thanksgiving night as I start this post; I have sequestered myself in my bedroom for most of today with a sore throat, that I believe is mainly from hay-allergies-gone-berserk….

Last night, we celebrated with my mom’s side of the family at my grandparents’ home (about half an hour away). There were 20+ expected, and 15 of us present, I believe. Of those not present, a handful were still at work… not sure why we’ve moved the celebration to earlier and earlier times in recent years– but I love the time together whenever/however it happens. 🙂

Our annual routine there, goes kinda’ like this: 1) Arrival – one after another for a period of 1/2 to 1 full hour // 2) Gather around their kitchen/kitchen-island-buffet to pray together (this is the beginning of every dinner) // 3) Make plates and eat while talking // 4) Clear dessert plates, make individual coffees or sodas, and grouse {compliment the chefs} about how stuffed you are // 5) Grandmother reminds everyone to please choose your stockings for the Christmas tree next month, LW!~ // 6) Gather in their bedroom and laugh with each other as you choose the {great! crocheted!} mini-stocking you want [A really threw-off our usual rhythm this year by choosing a navy-and-orange/Auburn-themed stocking! She played it off as “Houston Astros” colors, so I guess she gets a pass, though~ 🙂 ]  /// and finally 7) Relax with each other– in groupings all over the house– by conversing (no phones, relaxed rule, but no one would even think of it). ~ (Younger ones can usually be found in the front or side yard with classic toys like this one.) 🙂 🙂  [Then, say goodbyes all-around and leave for home. 😉 ]

Though I have been in the back of the house today, both the kids and DC have each spent time with me here and there throughout the day– it is Thanksgiving, after all. I just hope whatever I have is not contagious. 🙂

At the moment, I am listening to DC read to AB– they are a few chapters into the second book of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia– The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe… ~ 🙂

My sweet AB has been a bit of a worrier during the past couple of weeks… it began after she had heard a gross phrase on an episode from one of the you-tube minecraft-channels we have given her permission to watch. She is now taking a break for a week, since the worry has persisted (and expanded after a second phrase was spoken in a subsequent episode– not a fluke, ugh and sigh…). When she is allowed to watch some, again, we will have pre-screened each one beforehand or will be watching with her, LW. That is the plan. I am hopeful that this worry will be a short-lived phase instead of the beginning of a trend. I have always been extra-thankful that she does not struggle with anxiety as E and I have a tend to! I would appreciate anyone joining me in prayer for this! Thanks in advance!~

Yesterday afternoon, DC’s boss released him and his colleagues early; we were able to fit-in the last two (2) episodes we had of the Fox tv-series New Girl (therefore, we are now caught up with it in real-time since it still airs currently)! The most-recent/last episode was a Thanksgiving one, too– it was fun, getting to watch Thanksgiving fun before leaving for our own. 🙂     We started watching it together back on October 11th (publishing the minutiae of our days es muy convenient for such unnecessary details, haha). It was highly inappropriate, yet we laughed so very much together watching it (never when A was in the room, of course– usually after she’d gone to bed for the night).

I hope you have had wonderful days of celebrating gratitude,  as well. And more giving-of-thanks to come for those of us awaiting weekend celebrations! 🙂 (We sometimes celebrate the weekend after with my dad’s wonderful side of the family– this year we are planning to have a second Thanksgiving/birthday dinner at my parents’ home on Sunday!)

& I wish you a very happy Christmas-, Hanukkah-, Kwanzaa-season as the momentum starts and grows. I will be trying to stay in the spirit, instead of grinch-ing it up! 😉 🙂

Love always, goodnight~

{P.S. Wishing a VeRy happy birthday to our one and only niece today, too! Love you, LB!!~} <3

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Uncle Felix

// 3:46p.m. – Today is Wednesday: miercoles. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week; are you weird like this? Do you have an favorite day of the week, besides Friday? I have traced this love for mid-week back to my school days: on Wednesdays the day ended at two instead of three. This extra hour was magical somehow~ 🙂

In my staid {somewhat rote} at-home life, these days, most look much the same, but Wednesdays still hold a glint of extra-magic. A hint more beauty. This is simply there because I want to see it, I know– therefore I am trying to view every day of each calendar week through these hopeful shades of possibility. How long will A’s school work take? Will she enjoy this part as much as I think she will? Will E make a new plan for his studies, college today? How much will I write, will I meet the word-requirement {for national novel-writing month} before November ends? How will Denver like boarding at the vet next week? The element of possibility, for me, for this present season at least, is acutely home-centered and un-interesting, with mundane questions such as these. {Exactly like I like it.}

I love my life. I must be missing the hurry-up-and-go-gene. My lived-in, homey, dozy existence is where I want to be~ I cherish time with family– near, far, in-between, occasional, etc.– my cluttered {yet clean} dwelling is the backdrop that makes me happiest, along with nature outside it that adds the changing textures to the sameness of the days. Spending parts of each 24-hours in the natural world lends more layers to the muted colors of the landscape of our street.

Having Denver in our home makes it all just a bit more magical, too. Pets make everyone just a bit happier, more at ease. We love this sweet puppy, who is currently snoozing near where I sit in the living room. He must be sniffing something in his dream because his nose keeps twitching, while his paws move back and forth on the floor– he’s chasing the scent! 🙂

Hope you take time to enjoy the fabric of your days– full, busy, or sanguine— your world is as you make it to be~ So, let us make alterations where needed, as we remember we are created, by the One who dreamed up each blade and type of grass, each acorn that continues to fall from the tree near our deck. We are each created to be different, while called to love the Lord and each other the same. ~

I am going, now, to turn on Christmas in Connecticut… I read the greatest description of the upcoming holidays today {on an hgtv-fb-forum for fans of Fixer-Upper}. I will not quote it because I do not have it in front of me {the name of the person sharing was Christina, I think; I will update}. She said Thanksgiving & Christmas go hand in hand. She feels that decorating for Christmas before the last Thursday in November simply adds coziness instead of detracting from the love of the first holiday~ | This is so true– and the way we should look at it, I think; it helped to reverse my {somewhat Scrooge-y} view of late– made me feel an cheery air of Christmas on the late, late-autumn breeze. 🙂












Merry Blessings on both– Thanksgiving- & Christmas-to-be, I say, this evening. <3

NaNoWriMo is Exhausting this Month

// 3:48 pm– So far today I have written just 130 words. My inspiration is at an all-time low, but I am finding new aspects of writing that make the (very ReaL) tiredness worth it.

Last night DC replaced my computer screen and keyboard; does anyone else have keyboard troubles as frequently as I? I am happy with the newness of it– yet it has not helped me write for hours in a row– have not done that in a handful of days.

As always, I find myself wanting to start over… I envision scrapping this first-draft for a fresh one… *This is what I have done ad nauseum for the past several years, however, so I am determined to press on/break through. In this, as well as other, area(s) of my life. I had a good annual visit with my gp this year, last week. She cut my bp dosage in half (well, I cut the pills in half now, myself… haha). ~ My bp is still doing well– almost too well– I will check in with her in a week, but I wonder if I need it at all. Perhaps all of the writing is working effectively to help me destress more regularly. 🙂

The three covers I created in Canva for this year’s NaNo-novel.














Have a great new week ahead, LW! 🙂

3:58p.m. \\\


11:54pm – Today was a strange day– a day filled with an annual doctor’s visit, a trip to the bookstore, and a huge argument– read: “yelling match”— started by your’s truly…. ~~ :/

I was upset by an article I had just read and was trying to relate it to DC and E, when I was interrupted and proceeded to handle it in as unprofessional– UNloving– and immature manner befitting a kindergartner or first-grader. Ugh. Sigh… will I never learn to react viscerally to things when my hormones are out of whack? This was the first such yelling match in a few years time, thankfully. But it was soooo not-pretty that it will probably be the one-most-remembered for this decade. For me, probably a couple of decades. I pray, I hope. Amen. ~ :/ 😐 :/ … For E one of them involved steamed rice all over the kitchen, and for DC it was a cordless phone that got crashed into a fireplace… :/ 🙂  I am not alone in my sometime-Irish temper… 😉 :/ 🙂  (I will have to remember to check with DC’s parents next time I talk to them about the reality, or not, of Irish relatives in the branches of the family tree~) I am hearing the wonderful, Disney song “I’ll Always Be Irish…” from The Happiest Millionaire, as I continue to write this silly, silly essay….~

Anyway… I apologized heartily and with hugs (and, annoyingly, multiple repeats of the hearty-apologies), we were all over it and on with business as usual– we all appear to be excellent with forgiveness today, thankfully— I am so grateful for God’s forgiveness, too. Grateful He does not leave us in our sullied states throughout each day; a new start is always, but-always, there for us as requested, appreciated….

img_1729img_1096 img_1121 img_1689img_1519

Goodnight, Friends. Much love to you today~

He Voted

Well, my son voted in his first presidential election this afternoon– just before area schools finished the school day. Let me tell you, he actually second-guessed his choice before we had even left the place where we’d voted. 🙂  I love him~ *He’s researched more in preceding months than I have in the many years– 20!— I have been exercising this right/privilege.

The scene at our house around one o’clock this afternoon:
E’s driver’s license is missing. Napkins that have been written on {in one of the alphabet sets of the beautiful Japanese language– I don’t know which one}… dried tea bags, moleskins that have been filled to capacity, and so. many. books– he and I are in his room, picking up each item on his desk, nightstand, dresser in a thorough attempt to locate it. We even look under his bed! (We also turned his mattress, lol~) Then, DC walks in, holding the license… which he had found between the driver’s seat and console of my car (albeit on a second sweep)! 🙂 🙂

So… we FiNaLLy left {an hour later…} for our local, little-town’s community center {he has a notebook with him and is still studying how he wants to vote on our state/county… amendments}. We arrive a few, short moments later, and begin to wonder where we should park… I was driving so he could continue to peruse these notes, so as we approached, I was excited about an open spot along the shoulder of the road– when he told me there were two available spots in the parking lot. All right! 🙂  We slowly parked in one of them, the other still open as we walked in… yet people continued to park across the highway, etc. (Probably more to do with ease of exiting after their votes.

E is an independent thinker and a self-assured young man~ Looking to my side, while I waited to sign in– to see him signing in across the room, chatting with the poll-person, relaxed. I was happy to witness this moment, and I am excited to see where the Lord leads him in, throughout, the course of his life. I pray for it to be greater than his dreams. ~ <3

Goodnight, all. Love always,

Blessings to you!

Too Much Information…

Since I’d like to continue writing here daily– or near-daily– I have decided to use a few lists of daily writing prompts, should I need such. All free, they are listed as follows: WordPress, 2013 ; Think Written; and Writer’s Digest. ~

Last night, I used the November fifth prompt-word “intense” pretty easily in my rushed, end-of-the-day post; it fit well into the micro-summary of my day. 🙂

Today, I am using the same— so, in answer to the prompt/question for 11/06, the most recent item I’ve looked-up via google (besides the prompts-search) is the phrase “All’s Well That Ends Well” {as promised in yesterday’s short post}. | When I referenced the phrase yesterday, I did not realize it is the title of a play by William Shakespeare– wow! {The summary for the story sounds as treacherous and winding as a curvy mountain-road.. in snow! !!}

Always beach-love!~ <3

Always beach-love!~ <3

*Sorry for the T.M.I. + for the addition of the D.R.o.P. {daily, random, old-photo}!~
Wishes for happy new weeks ahead, all. 🙂

Solo Cuatro Minutos

So, we got back late from a fun night (relatively, because of the super intense football game we watched/were glued-to) with friends, and I managed to get 405 words written toward my NaNo-novel. I ReaLLy should have written this morning, but “all’s well that ends well…,” right? Who said that, again? Will look it up luego and post-back, LW! Yay, long day– with two (2) writing-races against the (about to “fall-back”) clock! Won!

Have a great night & Sunday~ With love,

Acorns after Eleven

// 11:44p— Barely before midnight tonight, as you can see— is where I begin writing here. 🙂   On the NaNo-novel, I wrote almost 700 words today– only because I required it of myself {still tired}. Writing daily– and thinking about the fiction you are writing throughout the days— is a journey to balance for me right now. I have been used to this pursuit and folding it into my days; still, the story seems to take place within my own true life these days as I think about it so often. It has gone from folded-in to braided through and the difference is significant, believe it or not. Sigh– a mostly happy sigh~ 🙂

I did, however, manage to spend much of the afternoon/early evening on the back porch and in the backyard, today. So thankful for the beginnings of a sweet, autumn chill in the air. Felt wonderful out there. ~~~ The “acorn breeze”– as I dubbed it in a haiku elsewhere (since the acorns continue/d to fall at frequent-intervals, quietly popping the porch and table, along with the ground beside, as they do)– was placid, perfect. ~~ <3
11:49 p.m. \\ /// 11:57 p.m., following edit…. \\\\ ~


Hope you enjoy the random photo I stumbled-across earlier tonight~ [Took this after A’s birthday party– leftover spoils (though unspoiled, i promise).] ~ 😉 🙂
Wishes for a very happy weekend, all. 🙂


All these words….

At this moment– at the close of day three of this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I have written more than 9,500 words toward my novel {18,600-plus, if you include the 9,020 I had written during the last week of October.} They continue to flow well, yet I am seriously tired from the increased– and on-going– focus aimed at this single pursuit/story. Not sure if it’s the fact that I could not stay asleep last night or that I realized– during a round of insomnia around four this morning– that I already have an entire novel (or two) in my many, MaNy previous-documents… what is missing are as follows: better pacing, deeper story arcs for secondary characters, and endings (as well as the transitional chapters that will lead to satisfying endings). | I will follow-through on this challenge this month, LW– continuing to pen at least 50,000(+) new words by 11/30, I hope. *Then, perhaps it will be the time to print every partial-draft I have created (that have collected/*collected-digital-dust in my archives) over the past several years to see if I can find the best basis for a complete re-write, taking the strongest, clearest parts from each as inspiration.


As for tomorrow, my objective is going to be to spend as much of the day outside as possible, LW. ~

Have a great Friday and weekend! 🙂 Goodnight~