Healing Walks

It was on a Valentine’s weekend almost fourteen years ago that I signed my full name on a couple of dotted lines, making my divorce final. This was just four months after our fifth wedding anniversary– six months after we had separated– and eight months after we had entered marriage counseling. The moment of clarity had finally dropped on a random Wednesday evening… that night, my four year-old son and I slept in a locked master bedroom. (Simply awaiting morning, I did not sleep so much as fret while attempting to rest my wildly spinning, though decidedly calm, mind.)

I had “worked my way out of (my) marriage,” as Dr. Phil is known to say; we had attended marriage counseling steadily for many months, believing things to be changing yet continually being made to feel unsafe in my own home. Again and again, this was the pattern. When the last situation occurred, I felt the ultimate finality. I knew I was unable to continue living in a world of unpredictable extremes, deceit. Please understand– I was an equal partner in the imperfect-state of this young marriage. I could write entire books, I am sure, on the ways in which he and I were wrong for each other and on why we had ever even tried to join together our lives in the first place. Our relationship was out of balance and full of valid mistrust from start to finish.

For me, the way through the weeks and months of strife and confusion, hurt-pride, belated truths, confessions, revelations that followed… was to confide in my heavenly Father while residing in the nature He’d created with love. So much of wholeness, both retained and rebuilt during this time, came from being strengthened (inwardly, spiritually) while walking outside. My grandparents and parents had built houses on/amidst some beautiful, natural acres of woods. The trees on the “upper-field” encircled the land– one house at each end, a driveway and lengthy fenced part for a couple of old horses between. Being there in those tall woods gave me the direct connection to the Lord that my battered heart needed.

I spent hours each week walking from the house to the lower field, beside the small pond and back again. Sometimes, through the woods linking the pond to my parents’ house, though this path infrequently as I tended to lose sight of the house easily…

I used a walk-man (there’s a blast from the past, huh?) and a lone cassette tape during most of these walks. The tape was a recording of a marvelous all-men choir; there were songs and Scripture-readings. Loved, safe, forgiven, surrounded by His wings– truly, I experienced these feelings deeply during these walks. I felt God’s great mercy and grace and unconditional, steadfast love– truly unwavering— for me. I am sure that is why when I read a portion of one of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays “On Nature,” I felt such a love for it. When Emerson wrote of his own deep, pure connection to God through nature– when he experienced a oneness with it in feeling as if the cornstalks were nodding to him in the wind– my spirit echoed the same. This restoration for the soul found in being out in nature is a global thing, I think. Don’t you?

I am grateful for God’s great faithfulness to each of us, His children. In writing this tonight, I am doing as Lyli encourages here:

“Recount how far you’ve come. Look back at your life and make a list of every time God has carried you through a season of uncertainty and provided for your needs (Note how David does this in Psalm 143).”

*I am “(recounting) how far… God has (brought me) through season(s) of uncertainty…” before.

I am, also, following Michelle’s sound advice here and choosing to change my attitude on an area of difficulty and discouragement for me, right now, because she is right: “Hopelessness (in any area of our lives) is not sustainable” — truly…. My husband said something to me tonight that rocked me. I need to re-center myself in truth from God, my Father– in what He thinks. Read, below, the wonderful wisdom shared by Michelle:

“You can change the way you feel by your focus. Remember another time you were full of joy. Breathe. Imagine it in all the detail you can. Feel the bliss of the moment….

Hold those feelings in your heart and mind and imagine tossing a life preserver into the future attached to a golden thread. It unfurls and flies high and far, sparkling in the sunlight. You are holding on tight to the end of the glittering thread for dear life, but the other end is sailing into a time when whatever you are facing now has passed. The life preserving end of your golden thread has landed in a future summer. Imagine yourself as you hope to be then. Empowered. Strong. Healed. Whole.

Just like summer didn’t last, winter won’t either. It’s just when the thaw comes and your life smells like honeysuckle and sunshine again, you are going to be so much stronger and (more) resilient than you are today….”

I am sending out that “life preserver into (my) future (LW).” And just as the troubles of a selfish, divorced, young mother who did not understand certain ways of the world yet, at twenty-five-ish, this too shall pass.

I will begin, again, to recondition myself in every area. Re-gaining my usual strength and energy has not been immediate following the couple of months of illness I’ve just gotten over. And last year was a hard year for me, physically, as well. I injured my “good” knee in January (2015), but was able to rehab-it through physical therapy. I am still very thankful for that. ~ I want to recover other things in my life as fully. I will be working on that, day by day, LW.

Wishing you a new week full of places of healing and rest wherever you need them, as well.

Add Reminders into your Rhythms

// 2:50a– Awake, again, after fewer than three hours of sleep. Oh well~ The living room is silent, except for quiet puppy-snores– and I am a bit refreshed and a bit inspired, oddly enough, so I will simply write now, instead of later today. πŸ™‚

This past January, I placed an order at Dayspring in the hopes of beginning a new tradition. I used a portion of my Christmas gifts for a sort-of-toast to the new year. It wasn’t a blowout-sized order… just included one new coffee cup for each of us (E + A’s cups also had saucers), one metal wall calendar (huge sale-price!), and a periwinkled-colored ring that I deemed my “writing ring.” To be worn each day only after I had written something…~ 2:55a.m. \\

When the package arrived, I wrapped the items for my family in wrong-side-out Christmas paper, and we drank coffee + hot chocolate in them, together, after they had been unwrapped. It was enjoyable. It was also great fun for me (weirdo that I am) to leave the calendar in its box until we had moved into our new house in March; it was one of the first things to be put on the (kitchen) walls.

The ring has fulfilled its daily reminder, as well, though the process of the habit has changed a bit as the year has gone on. At the beginning, the ring would remain on my nightstand unless/until I had written something on paper for the day (fiction, nine times out of ten), then I would put it on. As my writing routines became more reliably habit, I began putting the ring on with my others, first thing in the morning– then, I would switch it from my left hand to the right after I’d written my first lines of the day~ It has changed even further as my attitude and identity as a writer have solidified: now, if it is on my left hand I am remembering to actively think about the story I am currently penning, and when on my right, I am actually writing. Both ways, I am choosing to stay in the content I am creating (with a small percentage of my thoughts, at least). Dwelling in a story frame-of-mind~ πŸ™‚

This is not as strange as it may sound. πŸ™‚Β  To me, it resembles my prayer life… not anywhere near the same level of importance in my heart or mind, of course, but the two mindsets are alike a bit, for sure. In prayer, I choose to stay engaged with God– to remain aware of His constant presence. To keep my spirit tuned in to Him, somewhat like listening to music in the background of other activities. I aim to listen and to see things as He would want me to see them. In this other, much smaller area of writing, I simply choose to not forget where I am in the current story. I sometimes take quiet moments of washing dishes or folding laundry– whatever the task may be— to picture myself in my characters’ shoes. To look at their life, their circumstances, thinking like they might think about the things in happening in their life, world…. I’m just cultivating different views, getting better at looking through different lenses, or sunshades… πŸ™‚

I do want to rework, or broaden maybe… one area of these gardens of thought, however. I want to be develop more mindfulness in how I approach an ending. Always, there comes a time when I lose the flow or feel no-longer inspired or sure how to continue with, or in, a certain storyline. I want to work through the confusion rather than moving on to a new one. I read an article by Bethany Cadman last week that made some good points on the subject of ending your novel. I will be reading it, again, before long, I am sure~

During this month, this challenge, I have found that writing earlier in the day seems to work better for the “real-life” stuff– while later-writing puts me more at ease, making my fingers and words flow more freely. Therefore, I am a happier writing fiction– my favorite– late at night. I did manage to do this to the tune of almost four-thousand words late Friday night. Yay~~ That is always a satisfying experience for me, for anyone who writes. ~ Both my fiction and cross-stitching have been much less frequent throughout this month, as writing daily here takes up more time than I’d anticipated it would. It does help to at least jot down ideas as they appear, instead of sitting in front of a blank screen willing them to come… always have a notebook nearby! πŸ™‚

For the past couple of years, I’ve shifted my attitude toward the entire subject. A few of the quotes from this book can inspire me to “just write” even when I am not in the mood or nearing what feels like the “end” of my ready-understanding of (or affinity for) a certain character or story. And, though not from the linked-book of writing tips above, the following quote has spurred me on throughout this year, as well:

“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I am simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” –Shannon Hale

In looking for the above-quote, I stumbled across another great one, along the same line of thought, by William Faulkner:

“Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.” ~~~

Ah, good ones, both. ~

Happy writing & hoping we all finish strong in this month-long challenge to which we near the end…~ Look for places in your habits, rhythms where you may be able to fit in a small reminder or two. Might make the difference you need. ~

Happy Sunday, may blessings abound to you, yours~ Let’s sing new songs, allowing God to write new things on our hearts. And looking for Him to re-fill our souls through His quietly whispered words. ~ <3 ~~


// 11:35p– Ay yay ay… I am tired– my brain is revolting toward the real-life-words of this challenge… The word “sabbatical” is defined as “(as an adjective)… any period of rest… (and as a noun)…any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.” “Sabbatical year” is “… a year…of release from normal teaching duties granted to a professor, as for study or travel.” I worked in a college art and art history department as a work-study when I returned to college as an adult-student, back in the early 2000s, so I had, of course, heard this term before; it was quite different, however, to hear my mother use it in reference to (my dad’s and) her marriage relationship….

On the first of August, 2002, I with my young son drove away from the home and every day practice of my (also-young) marriage. I will leave out the details here, though I am sure that would provide much more interesting writing– you know, the kind I am hesitant to share in a public forum. “Too real,” is how I think of certain topics in my heart and mind… but I return to what I was writing before this shared-introspection: I drove my son and me to my parents’ house just a handful of miles away– down a long, winding driveway and up a hill, where moved in with them (and both of my younger sisters). Things were emotionally tense for several weeks and months that followed, though we all handled it very well, overall, I think. *I am grateful for this.

It was a year or so later when my great mom, married at that point for twenty-five years to my wonderful dad, said “I think I’m about-ready for my sabbatical… I think I’ll move away for a year….” She mentioned something about an island in that moment of unfiltered venting, as well. ~ πŸ™‚

My parents are the world’s greatest. Truly. They are happily married– at the beach this weekend, in fact (while their house has had a few more tours/showings). They have made it a beautiful almost thirty-nine years now, Praise the Lord. <3

My point is that we all need to take time off, sometimes– whether it be a mind-vacation or a breather on hobbies, like writing, and such. I sincerely hope you take the time to both pursue your dreams and to re-fresh them with breaks, as well. ~

Happy rest-of-the-weekend~
11:55 p.m. \\

Blank Walls & Thank-yous

// 11:23p– Hitting a blank wall tonight… spent a couple of hours outside, and that always recharges my heart and soul. It was perfecto autumnal weather– refreshingly crisp air– again, perfecto. Es verdad; it is true. ~ πŸ™‚

I have continued to hit this blank, brick wall, though– each time I’ve tried to write about a-ny-thing today. So, I will say that I have enjoyed greatly reading each and every post of Michelle’s over at Pen and Hive. ~ I am truly enamored with her blog & words. ~ I had wonderful intentions last year of reading every one of her {fun & informative} posts–on becoming a beekeeper— and then, of becoming one!~ πŸ™‚Β  I still want to… and I might follow that passion at some future point, Lord willing (LW). But for now, I will simply be continuing to work on the pursuit of small changes in my daily life, LW. ~ And That is exactly what Michelle is engagingly, encouraging us to do {she is a gentle yet direct coach} through her series this year. ~ <3

I am thankful for the insight of each writer who acts as sage– and takes us (readers) through a journey through his/her heart and words. Someone else’s guidance– no matter how fully seasoned with experience— can be exactly the “…great insight or lesson… that only you are capable of relating to (someone else)….”

That last paragraph, above, is my small note of thanks to Michelle for writing the article that is linked in the quote. A beautiful, meaningful article that probably every writer in the world needs to read at some point (weekly…daily) and it currently has no comments. It is probably the only one that does not yet have one (probably why I noticed it). ~ Still, allow that to encourage the tiny place in you that sort-of-kind-of wants to be seen and appreciated. I love to leave notes– especially as many of her articles speak directly to my soul. (I feel like I am quoting Kathleen Kelley in You’ve Got Mail, as I re-read that last phrase… πŸ˜‰ Do you love that movie as much as I?…) But that zero blessed my closet-writer’s heart. (And I do not leave a comment on every single article I read that blesses me… Sometimes I have typed in an entire paragraph of over-sharing thank-yous– only to not recall my disqus, wordpress, etc. password….)

Hope you an enchanting night & weekend of writing + much more~ πŸ™‚

{No prompt-word, again… apologies, fellow-five-minuters~}

Thoughts on Halloween

We had no clue back in October 2011 that we had moved into a neighborhood that might a well have been nicknamed “Halloween Central.”


We had purchased our first home and moved-in in July, so by the time halloween came around, we thought we were sort of experts on our pleasant, little neighborhood. All taking turns pushing A in her stroller, we walked up and down the streets after dinner oftentimes. It was a great neighborhood for walking. We were not the only ones who thought so, either– many of our neighbors walked in the evenings, as well– and most were friendly~ Though we never took the extra time and care to get close, we had two great sets of neighbors, especially– one on either side of our house. All of our back yards were shared and fence-free, though we’d planned to add an iron fencing around ours before we learned it was important to both of them that it remain open.

Anyway… πŸ™‚Β  A few weeks before halloween, we received in the mail two ticket-stub-passes from the homeowners’ association, for entry into our subdivision Halloween night. Anyone not already at home before five that evening would require a ticket or would gain no admittance and have to park in the shopping center down the hill and walk up… “Wow,” was our general thought on this strangeness.

When that night arrived, we were amazed at the real need for the monitoring… the neighborhood was filled to capacity with strolling trick-or-treaters. It was great fun, though we ran out of candy each year and turned off the porch lights with a note of “candy’s-run-out-” apology. πŸ™‚Β  This was fine, of course, because our kids were ready to go out into the festivities themselves already~


In my faulty memory, the 1980s classic E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial opens on Halloween night– I checked it out this morning, and was surprised to see that the halloween scenes did not occur until an hour into the film! Wow, the memory can, indeed, be a sieve. It reminded us of those scenes. ~


The next year we joined in more fully– even going so far as to decorate the exterior of our home– the product of a husband who’s a professional artist, kids who wanted to help with it, and friendly neighborhood peer pressure… haha~ Not really. But everyone did get really into the spirit of things there. πŸ™‚Β  I had forgotten about this decorating, until A told me this morning– in a shocked voice– that we had not decorated the porch yet with spiders and zombies and “that ‘rip’ thing…” 😐  It feels like forever ago that we actually did that! Guess I need to start saving the milk containers, again. πŸ™‚



Happy Thursday to you~

Night Songs & Childhood Verses

// 1:40a— “Starlight, Star bright, first star I see tonight… I wish I may, I wish I might… have the wish I wish tonight.” ~ Not sure if this is a Jiminy Cricket– Disney– quote, or not. But I do remember saying it a lot as a sort of childhood ritual before bed as a young child. That one, along with: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take.” (from The New England Primer) The second one frightened me; an odd child for sure, I also added other prayers to the nighttime ritual, and during my elementary school years would “pray” for quite a long time before finally falling asleep each night. Well, that’s the way it seemed at least… ~

Last night, my precious daughter was having trouble going to sleep (a little earlier than usual, starting out), and asked me to sing to her. “Love Lifted Me,” by James Rowe and Howard Smith, is her favorite lately– following a night when she called me out of bed in the very wee hours and asked me to sing for the first time in months… I was as surprised as she when that old hymn was the one that I sleepily started humming into her silent room. ~ 1:45a.m. \\

Last night, I sang it first, then she requested: “Sing any song.” I added “Away in a Manger,” (by Murray?). Not sure how, why, or from-when, but I know all of the verses to this lovely Christmas song, and I love it. It’s not usually a favorite of hers, but she seemed to enjoy it then.

Still, after at least fifteen minutes of song and arm-tickling— and no yawns, I offered to buy her an album of old hymns for her kindle music collection. She liked the idea, so we went with it. This is the one we bought. We listened to a couple of its sample-songs, and she said she wanted it even though there’s no actual singing on it. We might look for one with voices tomorrow, LW.

In the past, A enjoyed her dad’s and my patchwork, all-genre, assortment of songs in the “music” section– where there are more than five hours’ worth of songs. Still, it means something to her for us to notice when she does not particularly enjoy a certain thing, then for us to remember that in future situations. We are working hard on this right now in the area of embarrassment… A tends to get embarrassed when we compliment a great job on her reading or if we compliment her singing, etc. So, we are trying to be more sensitive to her feelings, trying to respect the boundary she is asking for when she says, “Dad, Mom– you’re em-barr-assing me,” under her breath, teeth-clenched.

It’s just-after two now, so I will say “goodnight” with another short bedtime-verse from childhood {since I’d like to keep my newly refreshed sleep schedule on track}. “God sees the moon, and God sees me. God bless the moon, and God bless me.” (Meredith Wilson)

Hope you have a great Wednesday~

Laundry Room Love

//11:10p– Listening to the dishwasher as it cycles through quietly from the living room couch. The laundry is caught up and both machines are empty and dry. I love my tiny laundry room. One of my wish-list items for our house-hunts-past was “laundry ‘room.'” ~

My love for such rooms was born in a long-ago rental house, back when I was in high school. We (my family) had sold our house and moved into a very old, very small house nearby in order to finish out the school year before my parents would begin sub-contracting/construction of our new home on family land a few towns over…. 11:15\\

In that “smelly,” little house– reminded us all of penicillin and a nursing home, maybe, on that first day, moving in— there was a laundry room that was larger than the one bathroom. My mom put a large, rolling garment rack in, and there was still a good amount of space. The room stayed warm and always smelled of Snuggle-fabric-softener… the side exit always did, too. It was nice. πŸ™‚

I read my Bible there sometimes and loved it. We were not there very long, but we made some big memories there, good and bad– all kinds. Sorry that sounds so vague– as a family, they were largely good: I recall my youngest sister and her best friend (also a cousin) making up songs about the “old-people-house” or something along those lines because of the scent that first day until it had aired out. We three girls shared a room– don’t really remember much about that, except for a night when a young friend, also of my youngest sister’s, was spending the night and experienced an unpleasant night in the one bathroom just next door. *I could not take it– I felt so awful for her– so I spent part of the night in my mom’s car outside (it was freezing)… But the worst memory there, for me, was personal. It came just after I had had my wisdom teeth removed. And almost fainting doesn’t even enter into the whole swirling nightmare-mix. ~

Anyway… it was a slice of time in which life was lived on high-volume, in vivid color– and the calm-comfort, resetting part of it happened in a cozy space behind a clothes rack, sitting near a dryer.

DC is planning to build a wall-mount, pull-down/fold-up desk for my tiny, favorite room of the house. I remain oddly comforted by such cozy confines. Our current house was built in 1983, and the linoleum floor seems to have never been updated– I like it. It reminds me of sand and I love the beach~ It has been painted a great, soft, beachy turquoise-color {called “Minnow’s eye…” not the greatest name but that’s all right}. Planning to paint the old, original cabinets light gray and the ceiling pale blue, some time in the future, LW. ~~~ πŸ™‚

Here’s a photo of it– the best one I’ve had of all of the laundry rooms that have been mine. ~


My oldest friend– still call her my “best” & she is– came over the day after we got the keys to help me paint it~ πŸ™‚ We did run out of paint before the room was completed. πŸ™‚


The wall of very-shallow-shelves, behind the door… they are painted and hold a few empty, Tabasco-jalapeno-jelly jars, but not much else yet… ~ πŸ™‚

Sorry for not using the prompt-word tonight… it was great, too: “neighbor.”Β  :/Β  Maybe I will try to work it in tomorrow, LW… ~ Goodnight, all. ~~~ <3

An Early Morning, Well-Spent

5:20 is the time as I begin here today; per the sun calculator on Time and Date, the sun is
expected to rise in just over an hour and a half– 6:54– in my fabulous hometown of Birmingham (AL).

Β Β Β Β  Two (2) short hours + 13 pages of notes ago, unable to sleep, I started reading Faith’s #Write31days blog-series here. While I do not know Faith in real life, we are both members of the same “mastermind group” as part of this thirty-one-day writing challenge. (Mastermind groups are made up of just a few writers who “meet” on facebook pages for the purpose of encouraging each other throughout the month of October and the attempt to write daily for said month. They were organized + created by Crystal Stine.)

Do not be too impressed by the 13-pages of notes– they all look like this. πŸ˜‰

img_9222Β Β Β Β  andΒ Β Β Β  img_9230

*Definitely be impressed, however, with the depth of insight Faith lovingly imparts. The
insights are many + they are valuable. It is evident that she put serious time into this series, though she says in the first post she feels as if they were “scribbled notes from (a) bomb shelter.” πŸ™‚

Faith’s blog is a look at an authentic, rugged faith. The Scriptural truths she shares are presented through an honest filter and family-centered-days. It will be a gift to anyone who takes the time to read.

My own walk with the Lord has been strengthened anew through reading the personal prayers she transparently shares– and by taking a deeper look into the very real bravery of several Biblical characters, like Joseph, Moses, Hagar, Hannah, and more. *And there’s still half of the month to go! Yay! πŸ™‚

We are blessed to see them more-clearly as real people. As they truly were. We are given glimpses of how alike these historical figures are to us, today. The tilting twists and turns their lives take mirror our own… away from the original plans, or dreams, for a time at least. And sometimes the dream changes– almost always for the better– deeper, richer, sweeter. ~

I had read a few of her posts already– in wanting to support my fellow group-members, but starting at the beginning and reading several scriptures offered, and listening to a few of the worshipful songs that accompany many of the articles, has made the experience more cohesive, whole. It felt, to me, like a cozy Bible study. (I have not attended one in person in years. But this was a similar kind of growth, encouragement. |I, also, read several other articles from earlier this year and years-past. Genuine faith.}

After this meaningful time, for me, soaking in Faith’s words, her blog has become a new regular on my weekly to-read list. I feel sure I will be reading long after October.

Just a couple of the most meaningful passages that spoke to me:

“God…met (her) in her impossible situation and did something amazing….” —Day 3

“I am… so in awe that God would notice me… even in a crowd of ten thousand… (H)e doesn’t just notice the loud or beautiful ones…, (H)e notices the quiet ones, too. He notices me, at home in my small space. And that is breathtaking.” {Indeed. Amen.}Β  —Day 3

“Jesus waited too…. I wonder if (those years between when we see him at the temple as a boy of 12, and when he’s beginning his ministry at 30) were filled with yearning, especially after his earthly father died and weight of providing for his family (fell onto) his shoulders…” —Day 13

“Nehemiah did not let worry determine his actions. Was he fearless? No…. But he stood his ground and kept at the work God had given him….” —Day 14

“It has been a long journey for me to learn to trust God instead of running to worry when life has gotten (to be) a little (too much)… I think of worry as a mental rut. The more I travel down that path the deeper the rut becomes. My goal is for that path to become overgrown.” —Day 14

You do not have to spend a couple of hours with this series for it to be just as meaningful, of course. This morning, it is simply where I took my time recovering peace from restlessness. Thank you, Lord, truly, deeply for easing my anxiety. I listened as the Lord readjusted my perspective a few times. It was needed. I breathed in the truths. However much time you have to spend there, I highly recommend checking it out. Breathe-in the Scripture, songs, contemplation.

It is a bit later now, as I publish this. πŸ™‚Β  After the sky lightened with the sunrise, I enjoyed coffee on the back porch with my husband (and Denver). Then, I read a bit and watched part of a show, before returning inside. ~



The trees reflected in the coffee makes my nature-loving heart happy~ (I know, I know– it’s really cream with a little coffee.) πŸ™‚

I am happy to report that I am now caught-up through day 16 for each one of my fellow mastermind-people. Here’s wishing you new discoveries of new faith (or family or fashion or writing expertise… whatever you desire to read about, or peruse, is just a few clicks away at Write31days~ {in the categories under “The Links”}) ~ [Also, happy to have stumbled upon the proper way to include hyperlinks… I will try to go back through sometime, I hope, to convert all of them.]

And though I did not sleep last night because of a wonderful, Sunday-nap that lingered too long, following a family birthday dinner at my parents’ house (that has now been on the market for a week and had three showings/tours), I do have a new reason for gratitude… last night was the first night of no-coughing after the roller-coaster sinus/respiratory illness of the past several weeks. Extra-grateful, praising the Lord, for this sweet blessing!~ [P.S. I love naps on Sundays~ Even though my sleep-rhythm is even more monkey-wrenched now, for the day.]

Hope your fresh week is blessed, filled with wonderful, restful autumn-things.

Now, to visit another 31-day series (by Lyli) I have been enjoying every day + one other *new* before I shut-down this computer for the rest of the day! *Happy Monday. πŸ™‚

A Look Inside a Sewing Bag


Tonight, I will just give a little glance into my blue sewing bag since I have forgotten, once more, about #write31days… :/ πŸ™‚Β  The above photo (a little blurry, apologies) is the most up-to-date-progress on my current project.

The blue sewing bag my family bought for me a couple of years ago; I had had my eye on it for a couple before that. πŸ˜‰


Inside the front pocket, I found a few unexpected items other than the highlighters and pens I always keep there. *Both current car-insurance cards, my driver’s license and debit card (oops, not where they belong), and a melted Dove sea-salt-caramel-dark-chocolate (also oops).


Inside on right: a piece of felt for easy-access needle storage (beneath clear flap), a pocket with junk (*and jewelry– my favorite earrings, now back in their proper place in my bathroom drawer… and a bar of hotel soap that smells wonderful~), a wrapping-paper-covered zipping pocket with extra needles and thread-or floss-organizing card stock, a couple of bookmarks, and extra black and white thread… oh, and my scissors (on a lanyard).


On left: a few plastic bags of threads I am currently using on the present project… because I have haphazardly stored my threads/spools of floss lately… I will update once I’ve re-organized in the near future, LW. ~


Under the pattern, project-in-hoop, and baggies of thread, you will find several extra fabrics in the full-size, back, zipping pocket.


Also stored there are other current projects-in-progress, such as my daughter’s first official project– a cute, little, frame-able fox; and a kimono (I am planning to finish soon, LW) for my son. ~

img_7733 img_7736

Also, this pattern and the threads for it are there.


Empty tea boxes make great thread-catches. πŸ™‚


And this is what I am going to do more of now, LW. ~ Hope you all have wonderful– wonder-filled– new weeks ahead! Blessings~~


Sincerely, Tiffany~

Exercises, Experience, Expertise…

My least favorite type of 31-day blog-series is the same kind I am eking out this month.
Random. The aimless drift of an individual’s thoughts… however, I am learning that it has its merits. If– and when, I hope (LW)– I’ve completed this full month of writing here, I will have added another line to my mental-tally. Things-completed.

I read the books of Proverbs and Leviticus fully last year, completed a month-long photo challenge on Instagram last winter (almost completed a sketch-a-day, as well), guided my son’s course through home-ed graduation just this-past May– still, I do not have too many other recent items on that ethereal page in my mind. ((Not that those are equal items for comparison, haha.)) *Conversely, there are scores of boxes in our basement that still await unpacking– we moved in in March….

The list of UN-completed items is miles, and leagues (…square leagues), longer than the “completeds.” This is probably why even my “to-do” lists are usually penned in-reverse… I may write down a day’s accomplishments at the end of it, but I rarely write my objectives at the beginning. In fact, I write A’s lesson plans out in pencil most of the time, then check subjects off as we go through her school day– yet the broader overview of each day is done in retrospect, “after ‘school’.”

The point of this monologue tonight? I am simply celebrating the new currents— the shifts– I feel occurring in my spirit as I move through this month of requiring myself to write here. It does not flow as easily as writing fiction often does for me. I police my words here more, believe it or not since they remain haphazard, mismatched, and sentimental, even after some repeated editing (some nights). It is worth it to begin exercising, more frequently, the essay muscles I desire to define.

There are many other, additional areas in which I should work– and those moving parts are, also, being primed and readied for that future movement, through the reconditioning done here as I daily-type. (Mixed-metaphors, anyone? πŸ™‚ I am great at those. ~)

Beginning something new is good. Enjoy the fresh patterns you are creating, celebrate them, and be generous with yourself as you either start “somewhere”– or start over. ~

Have great Sundays, goodnight~